Cafeteria Menu

The ̨UUApp Cafeteria Menu complies with the

All food allergies and intolerances can be catered for, please indicate clearly all foods to avoid on your child’s lunch order.

All lunch orders must be completed online at: by 8.30am day of purchase

For information on Flexischools system please click HERE.

College Cafeteria Options

The College Cafeteria is a 21st-century facility that provides modern healthy meals and beverages for students and staff. It has two entry points, one for Years 7 to 9 students and the other for our Years 10-12 students. This makes for a quick, self-serve style for purchases that may be made with the use of the student’s SmartRider card via . The Precinct provides for outdoor eating and the adjacent lawn is an ideal space for audiences to enjoy performances held on the staged area.

Please note that Junior School lunch orders will be ready for collection from the Junior School canteen, and students will be able to purchase ice creams, icy poles and drinks during lunch.

Flexischools is a cashless card system that links a students’ existing Corpus Christi School ID card to their Flexischools account, allowing them to purchase securely on the school grounds without the need for cash. They may also use their card for the Corpus Bus.

  • Parents can set up a Flexischools account online and pre-load the account with funds.

  • Students make purchases at the canteen by swiping their card at the cash register.

  • Meals can be pre-ordered online and collected.

  • On-screen photo ID security protects your account from lost or stolen cards.

  • Parents can view their students’ purchases online and can set a daily spending limit.

Register for Flexischools by visiting . Click Register and enter an email. You will receive an email from Flexischools, please open it and follow the instructions within. To get started, add your student, school (̨UUApp) and their year. ​

During card setup, when prompted to enter the ‘Student Card Number’ please enter your son/daughters' 'SEQTA Learn Username'.

NOTE: If you are unable to link the username to the account, you will need to wait until their student card is created and distributed.

  • A students' username is always the first part of their student email e.g:

  • You may check if a username is correct by logging into SEQTA Learn at 

  • SEQTA Learn Password: Will be their own password if it has been reset.

  • If not, the default password that is allocated to new students is: Welcome#1

2. Top-Up your account using Visa, Mastercard, PayPal or direct deposit

3. Add the student ID card by selecting ‘Setup card number’. This is located on the ‘My Students’ page under the link used to start an order. Enter the students’ SEQTA username under ‘Student Card Number’. Click ‘Save’. You may also add multiple students under an account.

4. Set a daily spending limit in your student profile to control spending via cashless card.

5. Students can now pay with their cashless card and funds are debited from your Flexischools account balance. Top up more funds when necessary.

How much does it cost?

Online Ordering Fees - $0.29 per canteen order

Cashless Card (Swiping) Fees - $0.00 usage fee

Account Top-Up Fees - Direct Deposit $0.00

                                      Credit card (visa/mastercard) $0.15 + 1%

                                       PayPal $0.15 + 1%