We have appreciated the input and support of parents and friends for many years at both schools prior to the amalgamation of Yidarra Catholic Primary School and ̨UUApp.

Our aim is to create a K-12 strategy that will promote genuine engagement from parents across the years.

The input of our parents and caregivers is critical at this point of our K-12 journey as we plan for our exciting future. We would hope for strong input and perspectives from our parents and caregivers in helping to shape our school moving forward.

We welcome all parents and guardians to attend our Friends of Corpus meetings.

Meeting dates

  •  Term 2
    Week 6: Wednesday, 22 May 6.30pm

  •  Term 3
    Week 5: Wednesday, 14 August 6.30pm

  •  Term 4
    Week 5: Wednesday, 6 November 6.30pm


Senior School Staffroom

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