COVID-19 Remote Learning Plan

In response to the unprecedented circumstances brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, ̨UUApp has developed a remote learning strategy to ensure your child continues to receive the best possible education. Through our strong ICT network and established systems, we have the opportunity to utilise online tools for communication and educational delivery.

By following our remote learning plan, your child will have access to subject content and teacher instructions for each of their curriculum subjects every day. Our main platforms for remote learning are:

&Բ;•&Բ;&Բ; SEQTA Your child should use SEQTA to find instructions and content for each of their daily lessons. Assessment data will also continue to be updated accordingly by their class teacher.

•&Բ;&Բ; Teams Your child is already part of a Teams channel for each of their curriculum classes. Teams should be used by your child as a communications tool to check in with their teachers each lesson.

•&Բ;&Բ; OneNote It is recommended that your child use OneNote to organise and save work they have completed at home in a class notebook. This may have already been set up by their class teacher.

•&Բ;&Բ; SeeSaw Primary School students can send and receive work for their classes. This will already be setup by the class teacher.


You can access the Staff Agreement infographic

Our Remote Learning infographic outlines six ‘Student Agreements’ necessary for effective online learning. Each agreement is broken down below:

1. Follow your regular class schedule on normal school day bell times.

  • Normal bell times apply for remote learning. You can find the schedule for the College Bell Times here.

  • As per College Bell Times, Wednesday Period 1 will commence at 9:05 am. (Normal Wednesday bell Times)

  • Students can contact teachers via Teams during Virtual Office Hours — 8:15am to 8:40am & 3:15pm to 3:30pm.

2. Be on time for all virtual classes as attendance will be taken.

  • Absentees will be recorded in SEQTA as normal.

3. Teachers are available on Teams during your scheduled lesson time.

  • During this time, students can contact their teacher via Teams Video Call or through the Teams Channel Chat feature.

4. First 10 minutes of each class will be a Teams Video Call for your class.

  • Students should always use earphones during video calls to avoid unnecessary sound feedback.

  • During this time, teachers will mark attendance and explain the lesson content and activities.

5. Check all lessons in SEQTA as normal. Teachers will post material for your classes before 8:00am.

  • If your class is using OneNote, it recommended that students save completed work in their class notebooks or as directed by the teacher.

6. Notify the classroom teacher for any technical problems immediately.

  • Students’ concerns may be passed directly onto our virtual Help Desk staff who are available from 8:00am until 4:30pm (Monday to Friday).

For more detail about Staff and Student expectations please visit the Year Level Parent Portal in SEQTA.

Instructions on accessing the Year Level portal can be found

Remote Learning FAQs

Is my child still expected to wear school uniform?

No, students are not required to wear the College uniform during this time – however, it is highly recommended that students wear the College House shirt or College Sport shirt during remote learning video calls. The normal expectations and standards as per the College apply.


What if my child is sick?

Attendance will be recorded by the teacher in SEQTA as normal. If your child is sick, you should notify the College by email or SMS (not by telephone).


How will my child know if their teacher is absent?

Teachers will notify students of their absence on SEQTA before 8:00am each school day to let them know that the Teams Video Call will be cancelled. Teachers will still provide learning materials and instructions for the lesson as per usual.

Will my child still complete regular assessments?

Students may be required to complete assessments online. Some assessments might be altered to suit online learning.

How do I view my child’s Course Outlines?

Accessing the Course Outlines can be done through SEQTA Engage. Instructions on how to do this can be found


How does my child use Teams?

A Teams FAQ has been created by ICT which you can find


What do I do if my child has a technical problem?

Students should notify their classroom teacher if they have a technical issue during class. If students encounter technical difficulties outside of class time, they can contact the Virtual Help Desk staff on Teams.


What if I have a poor internet connection?

Your home internet connection cannot be improved by the College but a few items that may help are:

  • Improve your bandwidth by reducing the usage of other services during class time (i.e. Netflix, Spotify, YouTube etc).

  • Contact your internet provider to increase your plan speed.

  • Turn off video during Video Call and use audio only.


How do I contact Virtual Help Desk?

Teams (Students Only)

8070-Helpdesk - Instructions


(08) 6332 2574



How do I contact the College for other enquiries?

Please find the link below to contact the College for queries outside of ICT.


Where can I access the latest College updates about Covid-19?